The SEE Manifesto

SEE is Adam Stoffa’s Blog about tweaking three key components of personal performance: Stretching, Exercise, and Eating.

The Vision

SEE is about finding the time and focus necessary to maximize and improve your level of fitness and is dedicated to those that dare to engage in serious self-experimentation.  SEE provides information and suggests experiments, based on my experience, interests, and opinions on personal growth and physical training.

Under the Microscope

SEE was launched on November 28, 2008 with an introductory post discussing a morning progression of joint mobility exercises.   Right now, SEE is focused on seamlessly incorporating quality physical training into your daily regimen in a way that allows performance improvements to spill over into your career and personal life.

No Poseurs

I hope that SEE provides ideas that help you make improvements in the areas of performance that matter most to you.  But, discovering what works for you can’t happen without self-experimentation.

getting started

There are over 100 articles on SEE for you to explore and experiment with.  At first, this may seem overwhelming and it may be hard to know where to start, so here are a few favorite posts to help you get started.


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