53+ Online Resources

American Gymnast Articles on parallette training, handstands, and stretching.

American Parkour Parkour news, tutorials, videos, etc.

Art Devaney Art covers paleo diet, exercise, and medicine.  Good articles in the archives, unfortunately most of the new information is behind a pay wall.

Bar-barians If you ever need any motivation check out their videos.

Beast Skills Tutorials and articles on bodyweight feats handstands, flags, etc.

Bodybuilding.com Huge article directory.

Body by Fish Bodyweight exercises and workouts.

Body Recomposition Lyle Mcdonald’s home for information on nutrition and training.

Body Weight Culture Requires free registration.  Lots of resources.

Broke-Ass Gourmet Great title and tasty recipes.

Brutal Training Fitness, psychology, spirituality.

Combat Fitness Conditioning exercises.

Combat Trainer Rob DeCillis blog for those who compete in combat sports.

Conditioning Research Blog about moving and eating as you were meant to.

CrossFit Articles, workouts, videos, incredible source of ideas.

Daily Fitness Solutions Blog Advanced Intermediate, and Beginner 20 minute workouts.

Dragon Door Home of Pavel.

EvFit Extensive discussion of  health and fitness in an evolutionary context with resources and citations.

Fitness Blackbook Fitness tips to get lean and toned.

Fitness Spotlight Intermittent fasting and general fitness.

Fit Jerk’s Fitness Blog Tips so effective they should be illegal.

Fit Marker Share and discover the best of fitness from around the web.

fizzycal Shake up the routine.

Garage Strength Dane Miller’s home for information on strength training and sound dietary principles.

Get Body Smart Tutorials on human anatomy and physiology.

Golden Age of Ironmen Old school training manuals.

Gymnastic Bodies Coach Christopher Sommer’s home for gymnastics strength training.

Gym Jones If you think you are pushing yourself to the limit…you aren’t.

Ice Chamber Bay area facility with focus on fun workouts, functional performance, and athletic fitness training.

JCD Fitness JC’s home for his no BS approach to looking great naked.

Lean and Hungry Fitness Jim Biancolo’s blog linking to stuff he finds interesting.

Linus Pauling Institute Micronutrient information center.

MMA Conditioning An MMA point of view on training and conditioning.

Mark’s Daily Apple Mark Sisson’s home for all things primal…and more.

Mike Mahler Vegetarian strength, conditioning, and diet.

Mountain Athlete Wyoming (Jackson) based gym.  Lots of info for mountain athletes.

MobilityWOD The jumping off point for athletes who want to systematically address their nasty tissues and grody joint mobility.

Natural Messiah A log of workouts, diet information, and other stuff the author (Asclepius)  finds interesting.

NU-FiT Maximillian Barry shares his passion: Workout Routines, Nutrition Tips, and Healthy Recipes.

Ripped Home of Clarence Bass.  Huge archive of articles and answers to FAQ.

Ross Training Home of Ross Enamait…’nuff said.

Running Barefoot Lots of info, resources, etc. on running barefoot.

Science Based Medicine Physicians who examine unscientific and pseudoscientific claims in the light of science and skepticism.

Seth Roberts Self-experimentation, diet, health, academia, and other musings.

Stack TV Lots of video tutorials.

Stadion.com Thomas Kurz on flexibility and training.

Straight to the Bar Everything that grunts, groans and ticks in the world of strength training

T-Muscle Huge article directory.

Take Back Your Brain How to use marketing ideas on yourself to achieve personal goals.

The Athlete Creator Dave Sandel’s irreverent perspective on all things fitness.  Follow him on his journey from enginerd to gym owner.

The Epicurean Athlete Traversing the world of sticky buns and rock-hard buns.

The Iron Samurai Zen and the Art of Weightlifting.

The Pound Online Mongrel Fitness for Strays.  Home of the Grunt Geek and the Fight Geek.

The Power Endurance and Flexibility Page Bryce Lane’s resource page.  Lots of articles and links.

Timer-Stopwatch A timer wherever you have a computer.

Tim Ferriss Self-experimentation, entrepreneurship, motivation.

Tricks Tutorials Tricking, stretching, diet, etc.

Urban Free Flow The home of parkour.

Zen to Fitness Chris’s elegant site dedicated to staying fit while living life.