EXERCISE: Bicycle Crunches

Ordinary_bicycle02*If you are looking for an effective exercise for your abdominal muscles, the bicycle crunch is the way to go.

Picture by Nova

*A study conducted by Peter Francis, Ph.D. and Jennifer Davis, M.A. at the San Diego State University Biomechanics Lab reviewed thirteen ab exercises.  Electromyography was used to measure which muscles a particular exercise was working.  Bicycle crunches were found to be the best at developing the rectus abdominus muscles and the second most effective at exercising the obliques.

*The American Council on Exercise, a non-profit organization commissioned the study.  Check out their final report with the results for all thirteen popular abdominal exercises.

*Richard had Jay and I do tons of these in the ring at Lord’s Gym.

*Want to try bicycle crunches…here is what they look like, but be warned they are harder than they look.  With practice, you can build up to sets of 100 (and you will be rightfully proud the first time you get there).

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