NINJA: Office Exercises

ninja_the_last_thing_you_see*Time at work is marked by breaks.  In days gone by, smoke breaks were regular and repeating.  Refilling your mug meant a walk down the hall and a brief respite from work.

Photo by: brunkfordbraun

*Today, smokers are pariahs and pre-ground coffee from a tin is considered undrinkable.  The different stages of the modern work day are marked by a favorite treat from Starbucks, a trip to the vending machine or refrigerator for a Coke, Mountain Dew, or Monster, and eating the candy or sugary snacks found on desk corners and left in break rooms.

*To maintain the strong and alert performance of a ninja, exchange unhealthy breaks for healthy ones.  Physical exercise has a revitalizing effect.  It improves blood flow and helps dissipate stress.  We are not talking about a full blown workout or even breaking a sweat.  Instead use micro-training to break up the day, restore work performance, and help with your major training goals.

—At your mid-morning break, pass on the Starbucks, donut, or bagel.  Instead take a moment to work on your upper body.  Do a quick set of fingertip pushups or work on your crow pose, just enough to get the blood flowing to your head.  Then, stretch your shoulders.

—Just before lunch, work on your abs with bicycle crunches.  Or do some joint mobility exercises to limber up for the afternoon.

—Mid-afternoon…homestretch.  Avoid fatigue with body-weight squats, pistols (one-legged squats), or single leg body-weight dead lifts.

*This is not meant to be intense.  Just enough to get your mind off work for a moment, put your muscles to use, and get the blood flowing.

*From a training standpoint, these breaks present golden opportunities to consciously work on correct form and proper balance.  When it is time for that intense workout, your muscle memory can flow back to what you learned during these breaks.

*More Ninja Tips from STRETCH EXERCISE EAT


5 responses to “NINJA: Office Exercises

  1. I think this is great. There are many times at the office when i feel like I am morphing into my desk. Lost forever in the computer.

    Freedom is only a few finger pushups away!


    • stoffainkorea


      *You nailed it, these micro-workouts create a bit of freedom. At times it can seem as if repossessing our bodies from the desk and chair is a revolutionary act.

  2. Chad wanted you to teach us this Ninja technique:

    • stoffainkorea

      *Man, I wish I knew how to do that!

      *Seriously, I have been working on a post about the history and use of isometrics. Isometrics played an important role in Bruce Lee’s training. Unfortunately, a lot of the early results from those employing isometrics were tainted by their simultaneous early adoption of steroid use. Stay tuned…more to follow.

      *Thanks to Chad for the crazy video!


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