STRETCH: Good Morning

sanddunes_sunriseThis is the first post for this blog.  Feedback greatly appreciated!  Or just say “hi” with a quick comment.  I thought that we could start at the beginning.  So, this post includes information from my basic morning routine.

Stretching, it’s the first thing that your dog or cat does when it wakes up.  After getting out of bed, you probably stand up and reach for the sky.  You are already on the right track.  Just standing on your toes and brining your hands above your head helps to start lengthening your muscles.

Each morning, I go through a set of joint mobility exercises The Maxwell Daily Dozen.

Here is the routine that I run through in the morning, with +/- ten forward and ten reverse:

—Relaxed Neck Circles

—Wrist circles –> Small Arm Circles –>Medium Arm Circles –> Full Arm Circles

—Hula Hoop Circles

—Qi Gong Waist Twister

—Spinal Wave

—Lateral Bending

—Knee Circles

—Ankle Circles


2 responses to “STRETCH: Good Morning

  1. Just discovered your interesting blog via a link on facebook from Nick Horton. RSSed! I look forward to exploring more.

    • Thanks Matthew! Nick’s been a great friend of the blog – we’ve had some excellent convos. Enjoy looking around and welcome to S/E/E.

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