Protein Cookies That Don’t Suck

Photo by: nettsu

The First Batch

Recently, I baked a batch of protein cookies and they were terrible.  Protein cookies, like protein bars are supposed to have lots of the good stuff, like protein and none of the bad stuff.   My protein cookies were dry and bland.  I ended up slathering them with honey, just to choke them down.

Back to the Drawing Board

Never one to be put off by humiliating failure (I once put paprika in a batch cookies…don’t ask).  I started brainstorming ideas for modifying this mess.  My instinct was to add apple sauce.  I figured this would help make the cookies moist and add some sweetness to the mix.  I mentioned my idea to Jules a co-worker and she helpfully suggested using pumpkin instead.

I love pumpkin cookies.  In the fall and at Christmas, I make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and the kids and I feast on them, so I added chocolate chips to my shopping list.  But, not just regular chocolate chips…DARK chocolate chips…you know for their healthful benefits.

Time to Experiment

As the foundation for this project, I started with Mike Mahler’s Vanilla Pecan Cookie Recipe, which you can check out here and ended up with this:

4 scoops of protein powder (vanilla flavor if you’ve got it)
3 tablespoons of peanut butter
3 tablespoons of milled flax seeds
1/4 cup of pecans
1/4 cup of dark chocolate chips
3/4 to 1 can (15 oz)of pumpkin
1 tablespoon of ginger powder
1 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice
1 tablespoon of cinnamon
2 teaspoons of stevia
1 and 1/2 cups of water

Preheat oven to 425. Mix everything in a bowl with a spoon, clean hands, or whatever works for you.  Note, I gradually add the pumpkin and the water until I achieve a cookie dough consistency.  Place the mixture in the refrigerator for +/- one hour.  This stiffens up the dough and makes it easier to shape the cookies.  Shape dough into cookies. Place on cookie sheets and bake for 15 minutes.

Wow – They Don’t Suck

Fresh out of the oven, I tried one and it didn’t suck.  I let the kids try them and they agreed this batch of protein cookies didn’t suck.  In fact, we got positive reactions all the way up to the they aren’t bad mark.  The pumpkin did its job.  The cookies were moist and the dark chocolate chips were a huge bonus.

Hot Rodding the Recipe

In light of these positive results, I will continue to work on dialing this recipe in.  Next up, cutting the ginger levels by half and substituting brewed coffee for the water.

Cookies and Milk

My new favorite post workout snack!



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4 responses to “Protein Cookies That Don’t Suck

  1. How strong was the pumpkin flavor? I’m not big on pumpkin anything….except baked and salted pumpkin seeds.

    • stoffainkorea

      It’s not super strong, but it is noticeable. To me, the flavor that was too strong was ginger. If you don’t like pumpkin, then, maybe try apple sauce instead. Happy experimenting in the kitchen/lab.

  2. Hi!
    I would like to try your protein cookie recipe! (I am one who loves pumpkin!)
    I just wanted to ask you what kind of protein powder you used, whey, soy, rice?? Just curious and to make sure I use the correct type of protein.

    • Ana: I use pea protein. But, I am sure that you can use whichever protein you prefer. Flavored protein powders could lead to some interesting experiments.

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