TXP: Rise Above

Words to Live By

This shirt came from my friend Doug at Rise Above Performance Training. Doug has been  a friend and supporter of S/E/E for a long time. He is always positive and ready to share ideas about fitness and physical training. Doug is all about, rising above the fray and helping people. Check out this blog post, where he gives away a free manual of circuit training programs.  Better yet, if you are in the Bay Area, follow these directions and head over to Rise Above and meet Doug in person.

stick me with a spork – I’m done

Doug is also a member of the brotherhood of titanium spork owners. This is the ultimate in high tech silver titanium-ware. Doug has his spork fastened with a tactical lanyard for extra security. Whether you’re at the kitchen table or sitting on the edge of a cliff, you don’t want to risk inadvertently dropping this kind of gear and losing it. Sure his spork helps him eat right, but boys and girls, if you want to grow up to be be big and strong like Doug don’t forget your daily dose of iron.


10 responses to “TXP: Rise Above

  1. Thanks for the write up Adam,
    And yes just like training I use my spork 5-7 times a week..

  2. Adam great article, I am not quite understanding what the Spork is yet? However I do agree with the Iron, I use to wonder why I was always cold, thanks to low iron…now I take my vitamins..especially with Iron. Nice looking dog, great book (Mindset) wow.. great photos, (more of your T-shirts) I love posts with photos and books with photos otherwise it has to be a great read that I can feel..

  3. Hey Adam, nice shirt.

    I realise this is somewhat off-topic, but what are your thoughts on the Mindset book?

    • Scott – Still rocking your shirt in the gym. Look for it in an upcoming post on things that are worn in, not worn out.

      Mindset is a good quick read. Very interesting explanation of general approaches – reactions to problems (fixed vs. growth). You will definitely find yourself nodding your head in agreement, going yup that’s me, for both mindsets, depending on the circumstances. The explanations and examples they offer help raise awareness for when you are taking a particular approach. I think you’d enjoy the book.

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