TXP: The T-Shirt X-change Project

The best gyms are more than places where you go to sweat.  The best gyms are places where you go to give and share.  Where you give encouragement and share information.  The best gyms are places where connections are made.  You get to know people, and they get to know you.  The best gyms are sanctuaries.

Photo by: mrflip

Stretch Exercise Eat (SEE) exists to give encouragement, to share information and to connect with those who believe that incorporating quality physical training into your daily regimen allows performance improvements to spill over into your career and personal life. Researching, writing, and reporting on fitness and personal performance for SEE has helped me stay in touch with friends and family, reconnect with old friends, and make new connections with amazing people I wouldn’t have met otherwise…all while living half a world from home.

Living in Seoul is magical.  So many cool things are going on here.  I know you guys mostly hear about the scary stuff, but this place is vibrant and dynamic.

Photo by: Ian Muttoo

The people and their culture have taught me so much and changed the way I look at the world.  Plus, Korea and Koreans are trending worldwide in so many different areas, food, sport, entertainment.  I am so happy to be here as Korean culture gets a well deserved spot front and center on the world stage.

The t-shirt exchange project (TXP) was born from a desire to celebrate these two cultures: gym culture and Korean culture.  Earlier this year, using Ji Lee and Sue Park’s suggu alphabet, a mashup of Roman consonants and Korean vowels, I designed this t-shirt.

The shirt is cool, because it uses all of the colors found in the flag of the Republic of Korea and it says Yubasayo, which means, hi or hello (when answering a telephone).  This shirt has been field tested extensively in Korea and the US and is guaranteed to be an icebreaker with Koreans and a conversation starter with non-Koreans.

Here is the exchange part: Send me a t-shirt from your favorite gym, preferred exercise sanctuary, blog, or web site and I will send you one of these cool t-shirts back.  But wait, there’s more…your t-shirt will be featured on SEE as part of the TXP, a fun way to support and promote said favorite gym, fitness project, business, etc.

I have already received one shirt, from my friend Darren, Mr. Early Adopter himself.  His office has a great program that gets him access to a Gold’s gym in Washington, D.C.  Already an accomplished long distance runner, reports are that regular visits to the gym have got him all pumped up.  So, thanks to Darren and the Capitol Hill Gold’s gym for being the first T-shirt featured on SEE’s TXP!

I know there is another shirt on the way from my friend Barry out in Redding, CA.  I am stoked to be getting a shirt from Team Quest martial arts!

To get started, all you have to do is send an email to adam.stoffa@gmail.com., DM me on twitter , or message me on facebook.  Thanks in advance for helping get this project off of the ground and don’t forget to tell your friends, retweet this post, and share it on facebook.


15 responses to “TXP: The T-Shirt X-change Project

  1. Adam, this is wicked! I just happen to have a box of promo t-shirts sitting in the middle of my apt.

    Not only that, but I love Korean ladies. Anything for a free ice-breaker is alright with me. 😉

  2. stoffainkorea

    You’re on! This t-shirt will do the trick…just ask @foodiefitness.

  3. I’ll see what I can do!

  4. I’d love to send you one, however I haven’t designed/ordered any yet!

  5. Oh! Great idea! ULTRAnatomy shirts aren’t even in the planning stages yet, and unfortunately I myself train at home…but maybe I can dig up something kinda cool for you… 😉 xo Milda

  6. Thanks for the T! Pic in your inbox 🙂

    Did I mention what a cool idea this is? Kinda like mail art, but with tshirts.

    • stoffainkorea

      You are very welcome…I love the shirt that you sent me! I have been wearing it a bunch and will feature it next Friday. This is such a fun project, because of the cool people that are willing to participate. Thanks again!

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  9. how can i get a yubuseyo shirt?

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