EXERCISE: DIY Gym Equipment

toolbox*There are lots of DIY projects for building home gym equipment.  You can save yourself some cash and have the satisfaction of knowing the the job was done right, when you do it yourself.

*I have three pieces of home made equipment that I use on a regular basis: PVC parallettes, a wrist roller, and a homemade medicine ball.

*The parallettes took the most time and concentration.  Follow these directions carefully.  Then try them out like this guy.  Or grab the parallette training guide from American Gymnast.

*The wrist roller was a straight-forward easy to accomplish project.  2″ PVC, cut to a 2′ length.  Drill a hole in the middle.  Thread nylon rope (enough to reach the floor with arms extended parallel to the deck), through the hole and out one end of the pipe.  Tie a knot in the rope end, so it won’t slip out.  Cap both ends.  Wrap with athletic tape.  This is great piece of equipment for improving wrist and forearm strength.  Just clip on a weight and start turning.

*Cheap and easy medicine ball.  Filled mine with rice and it weighs in at near 13 lbs.  Beats paying 40 bucks for one.  Once you are done, there are plenty of ways to use your new toy.



3 responses to “EXERCISE: DIY Gym Equipment

  1. What is the process for making the medicine ball?

    • Darren:

      *Click on medicine ball in the post, it is linked to the directions that I followed. I bought a cheap basketball and two ten pound bags of rice (you could use sand for more weight at a cheaper price). I carefully cut an X in the basketball, inserted a funnel into the X and slowly added rice (pouring too quickly leads to clogs). After the ball was really full, I glued the X up with Gorilla glue (glue…strong stuff) and covered with duct tape. Presto!

      *I have been using the ball for a couple of weeks now and absolutely no issues. I love it!


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