TXP: JCDFitness

Hot Nights and Cool Shirts

Hot summer nights require a cool t-shirt.  JC Deen of JCDFitness took care of the shirt by sending me this ridiculously comfortable Tee.  The grey heather and light fabric are quite stylish and the whimsical devil horned cupcake on the back makes people smile, while making a point.

Let Them Eat Cake

In keeping with the theme of the night/t-shirt, I ordered a gin & tonic.  E and I split a Greek Salad and a Pizza Margherita.  The salad and pizza were tasty, but when I wanted to be a bit more devilish and order a waffle with ice cream for dessert, I was told there was no more ice cream.  August in Seoul and not enough ice cream…shame on you My Chelsea!

Look Great Naked

Yes, you can drink socially and eat waffles and ice cream and still look great naked.  To find out how, head over to JCDFitness and read Social Drinking on a Fat Loss Diet and How I Eliminated Binge Eating Completely or Eat to Live, Don’t Live to Eat.

Strong is Sexy

Strong is definitely sexy and it doesn’t have to mean big and bulky.  So ladies, please check out these posts by JC: The Muscle Building Guide for Women and I Don’t Want to Get Big and Bulky: Fitness Marketing and its Effect on Women, or JC’s most recent post – Attention Ladies: Here’s PROOF that Lifting Heavy Weights will NOT make you Big and Bulky.

Do Work Son

When JC’s not training clients, putting up great content, or designing killer Tees, he is building gorgeous web sites via his personal design studio ntunemedia.  With this much going on, JC’s no slacker and here he is doing what he does best WORK!


Thanks to JC for his support of S/E/E and the T-shirt Exchange Project.

Let’s swap shirts.  S/E/E’s TXP has featured people from all over the world.  It’s easy, it’s fun, and you get your very own limited edition 2011 Stretch Exercise Eat t-shirt!  To find out more click here.


8 responses to “TXP: JCDFitness

  1. Hope u and E had a lovely dinner! Sounds like it!

  2. Umm, wow. thanks for the kind words and support. much appreciated, Adam!

  3. Lovely shirt, I didn’t pick up on the cupcake until you mentioned it actually. I live a clean lifestyle, for the most part, but I also like to enjoy my life at the same time. I am not a strict regimented type and will have a drink when I am out socially and indulge in a few of life’s evil food stuffs. I do this knowing that the vast majority of the time my fitness and nutrition is good.

    Now I am off to read a few of JC Deen’s post as suggested.. tata..

    • Balance is the key. Asceticism can be as debilitating as over-indulgence. Best comment on this topic cam from my friend Ify, about his stint as a raw vegan, “Most anti-social thing I’ve done in my life.”

  4. Love it! Too bad about the ice cream, though. What’s the world without ice cream?

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