Exploring Google+ this past week has been fantastic fun.  Google is back into social media in a big way, exploring the edge of what social media will become.  They are taking risks, not worried about looking foolish, and taking it all on with passion.

extended circles

Circles are a stand out feature within Google+, allowing you to organize your own ecosystem and explore and participate in a variety of sub-cultures.  But, your circles aren’t isolated and disconnected.  Rather, they overlap and touch at the edges.  Information travelling along extended circles can reach a very wide audience or you can dial into a micro-group.  It’s a little like exploring a city, while still being able to duck into a familiar coffee shop whenever you need a break.

Meanwhile, this non-linear approach should allow Google+ to be a vehicle for both business and pleasure.  Collaboration will literally be at your fingertips, with video hangouts, document sharing, and email all in one place.

Welcome to S/E/E

Most everyone from my inner circle is familiar with this project, but for anyone dropping by via extended circles, welcome to S/E/E and you can get the main idea here or get started with these posts:

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One response to “S/E/E+

  1. You could trade it all in and become a housewife in Sandy, Utah.(shudder)BTW, this don’t-quite-fit feeling is very common to gay people. A lot of Jews feel (or have traditionally felt) this way. You’re in very good cooPany.persmnally, I think you peg the “fabulous meter.

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