TXP: Getting fizzYcal at Yongsan Family Park

The magic of the internet brought four strangers from three different countries together in Seoul, Korea.From left to right, Travis Waters (United States), Ify Osi (Great Britain), James Walbourne (Canada), and Adam Stoffa (United States).


Ify travelled the longest distance, as he was in Seoul for a quick visit from London.  Ify is the mad genius behind the fizzycal brand and blog.  He brought the t-shirts, coordinated with James, and was kind enough to invite Travis and I along to join the fun.  Ify is a real force of nature.  Battling jet lag and sketchy weather, he was still able to pull off powerful moves like this…


James impressed us all with his ability and enthusiasm for bar work.  You should definitely check out his dawalli channel on YouTube. But, much more impressive (to me anyway) was his patience and expert coaching.  Hey, he talked me through my first muscle up, enough said.  Check out this short clip Travis took of James just playing around on one of the lower bars.


I know Travis had a blast, because he didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were together.  No matter what we worked on, he was enjoying himself: muscle ups, levers, dips, and he was always adding his own personal touch to the day.  Check out these hopping rows as he moves down the bars.

much fun was had by all

James put together this video montage of the day.  He really captured the fun and excitement that we all experienced.  This was a great meet up.  It’s the people that make the difference and this was an amazing day, because of Ify, James, and Travis.


If you want you’re very own fizzycal shirt, check out the Get Fizzycal page on facebook.  To have your shirt featured as part of the TXP, email me at adam.stoffa@gmail.com and we’ll coordinate an exchange.  If you want your very own SEE t-shirt, they are now available online at Red Bubble.


2 responses to “TXP: Getting fizzYcal at Yongsan Family Park

  1. stoffainkorea

    Great link Larry – Thanks. Checking out the muscle up tutorial vid now.

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