Finding Resonance

Photo by: Pete foley

Small differences

2010 has been an amazing year for Stretch Exercise Eat.  The support of the true fans of SEE has had an incredible impact.  Here are some of the ~small~ differences you have made in 2010…

Total page views for 2009: 5,980

Total page views for 2010 (to date): 29,952

Average page views per day 2009: 16

Average page views per day 2010: 83

Busiest day 2010: 761.

Thank you for spreading the idea of SEE…seamlessly incorporating quality physical training into your daily regimen in a way that allows performance improvements to spill over into your career and personal life.

The Fab Five

These five posts got the most traffic this year.  Glad you liked them.  For those new to SEE, these posts will get you started and give you the flavor of this project.

(1) Flipping Switches and Turning Dials

(2) Consult Your Biological Clock to Optimize the Effectiveness of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

(3) How to Train Your Eyes Like a Kung Fu Master

(4) Protein Cookies That Don’t Suck

(5) Blanch Those Veggies

Bonus – 5 More Killer Posts

(1) Conquering Conditioning – How to Use the Pool to Improve Your Training

(2) The Past, Present, and Future of Interval Training

(3) Overtraining? Prospect Theory in the Gym.

(4) The Two Numbers That Could Save Your Life

(5) Trunk Strength – The Answer is Simple

Time to Say Thank You

Thank you for a wonderful 2010.  This year has been fun, inspiring, and creative and it keeps getting better thanks to your loyalty.  I can’t wait to move on to 2011, when we will explore a spectrum of new ideas that help you make improvements in the areas of personal performance that matter most to you.


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