TXP: Follow Me Straight To The Bar

It’s Friday…Must be time for another edition of SEE’s TXP.

Photo by: Scott Andrew Bird

Straight to the Bar

This time, Scott Bird and I swapped shirts.  Scott makes his online home at Straight to the Bar.  Straight to the Bar is an amazing and free fitness resource.  Since 2004, Scott and his friends have amassed an astonishing amount of content on all things strength.  Go to his site at www.straighttothebar.com and see what it looks like.  You can follow Scott  on  Twitter @scottbird and use the #sbgym hash tag to participate in the weekly twitterchats.  You can also look for Scott on facebook.  Scott is one of the good guys and definitely worth getting to know.

Got Yoke?

The shirt Scott sent me is my go to shirt for the gym.  Its a nice piece of technical gear.  The built in moisture management system keeps me dry and the got yoke logo keeps me motivated.  By the way, if your interested in building up your traps Scott’s article, A Little Yoke Work : 10 Exercises for a Bigger Neck, is a great place to start looking for ideas.  Meanwhile, if you want your very own STTB shirt click here.

Admiral Yi Sun-Sin

Behind me in the photo is the venerable Admiral Yi. Yi led the Korean Navy during the Japanese invasions of 1592-1598.  As the undisputed master of the turtle ship, Yi was victorious in every naval battle in which he commanded (at least 23).


4 responses to “TXP: Follow Me Straight To The Bar

  1. Nice shirt, dude 😉

    I’m a BIG fan of Scott’s! He’s helped me out a lot with my online life 🙂

    Great to see the t-shirt sharing!

    Cheers 🙂

  2. I read the whole wikipedia article about turtle ships. Thanks.

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