TXP: Mr. Noogles Representing

When I mailed this shirt off to Esham, I had significant doubts that it would actually get to him.  After a prolonged conversation, the postal clerk looked through several manuals, grudgingly concluded that Brunei was in fact a country with a postal service, and thought mail could “theoretically” be posted there.  Receiving this picture of Esham in front of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque was both a relief and a minor miracle.

If you have a twitter account, you owe it to yourself to follow Esham, as he is one of the most entertaining guys in the twitterverse.  Check him out under his twitter handle – Noogles.  He is so well respected, not only for his sly wit, but also for his generosity in sharing information, links, and videos, that it is entirely appropriate to address him as Mr. Noogles (Note: that beard alone earns him major props!).

Mr. Noogles is not only generous on twitter.  He contributed three t-shirts to the TXP: one from TruFitness Brunei, one featuring a caricature of Richard Milhous Nixon with the self-explanatory caption “dick”, and this shirt featuring everyone’s favorite Master of the Universe, Prince Adam of Eternia, better known as He-Man!

You’re making it hard for me to keep up with the wonderful backgrounds featured in your TXP submissions.  But, I did my best to match Mr. Noogles with a shot of his shirt on the beach at Waikiki with Diamond Head in the background.

Gotta love it, the TXP continues to exceed expectations, connecting people from all around the world with a simple gesture.  Want to swap t-shirts?  Follow this link for more information on the T-shirt X-change Project.


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