FitMarker – The Latest Addition to 53+ Resources

Me…A Beta Tester?

I am not by nature an Alpha Geek.  In fact, I am more likely to lament the fact that people don’t fully use the technology they’ve got before moving on to the new new thing.  But, I occasionally wonder what it must have been like to be in on the ground floor with a project that turns into something huge and to know before everyone else that this is a game changer.  Well, this past week, I had that feeling and it was great!

I was invited to be a beta tester for fitmarker.  Fitmarker is an aggregating site for all things fitness.  But, it is more than that…fitmarker takes the best aspects of social media sites like delicious, digg, and twitter and focuses the conversation on fitness, filtering out unrelated noise and creating a community dedicated to building a comprehensive catalog of fitness information, rating the quality of content, and providing useful commentary based on personal experience.

The Bazaar Effect

Fitmarker is creating a bazaar of fitness information.  The benefit of this paradigm is that it follows Linus’s law: Given enough eyeballs all bugs are shallow.  What this means for you is that fitmarker is a place where you will find other people working on fitness projects similar to yours and submitting potential solutions (articles, blog posts, comments, etc).  If a particular solution helps solve a problem that you are working on, then pump it up, so other people know to try it.  On the other hand, if a proposed solution does not move the ball forward, dump it.  Need clarification, submit a comment.

Network Solutions

The robustness of fitmarker comes from smart people drawing links between nodes of information and fitmarker gains value as people rate the articles.  From what I have seen, the fitmarker network is off to a good start.  Links are being drawn to quality articles and rated by folks with an interest in real world results.  Ultimately, the quality of the people and the information they link to will measure the success or failure of this project, which is world’s apart from fitness projects that rely on the reputation of a single guru, promote tricks from a hidden underground, or claim to have unique access to elite sources of information.

It’s Alive

Fitmarker has gone live.  It’s your turn to start browsing for solutions and submitting new links. This is your chance to get in on the ground floor and help build a valuable network.  I predict that Fitmarker will only grow as people find out about it and you will be able to say that you were there when it all began.  If you find this type of project intriguing, then you should check out fitmarker here.

Thanks Again

Thanks to JC of JCD Fitness and the FitJerk for inviting me to be a beta tester.  Fitmarker is their project and I am honored that they asked me to help.  I look forward to lots more browsing, rating, and submitting.  Thanks again guys and all the best!


2 responses to “FitMarker – The Latest Addition to 53+ Resources

  1. Adam, finally getting around to reading this and just wanted to say thanks a ton! We’re thrilled you’ve enjoyed it thus far.


    • JC – No worries. It’s a well-conceived project. Fingers crossed that people will create the links it needs to become self-sustaining. I think you are off to a great start and have support from lots of key people, so likely not a problem. Thanks again for inviting me to help.

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