TXP: Claire – Boulder, Colorado

Claire picked gorgeous Guanella Pass as the backdrop for this week’s TXP.

The shirt she sent me is from Boulder Indoor Soccer.  Boulder Indoor Soccer must be a blast, not just because indoor soccer is crazy, but because the folks there were smart enough to build a bar into the complex.  You can get a beer after the game, check out the competition, or kick back with friends.  No wonder Claire, a soccer player herself, enjoys spending time there.

Meanwhile, when she’s not taking shots on goal, Claire is still shooting…pictures with her cell phone and clay pigeons with a shotgun.

Speaking of guns, Claire is the one that tipped me to Sons of Anarchy, the Northern California gun-running outlaw motorcycle club version of Hamlet.  Our mutual admiration for the show and the Opie / Horatio character (maybe I’m reaching here) is why I’m sporting a knit watch cap in the middle of summer.

For more about Claire, you should check out her blog and follow her on twitter.

She’s considering a move to Australia…what do you think give up the Front Range for the Outback?

Another gorgeous backdrop…

To have your shirt featured as part of the TXP, check out this post for details or email me at adam.stoffa@gmail.com, don’t forget to include TXP in the subject line.


6 responses to “TXP: Claire – Boulder, Colorado

  1. I think Claire should get in contact with me, and we’ll move to Australia together. I only have one gun and my dad will be more than willing to store it for me.

  2. I think your background is much prettier than mine. And I love the Opie hat! It makes everything complete.
    I think you’d be very familiar with shotguns having gone to school in Wyoming.
    TXP is an amazing project—congrats! I love seeing everyone’s contributions and hearing their stories.

    • stoffainkorea

      Thanks – I couldn’t agree more, the TXP is about people not t-shirts! Still, I’m totally digging the cool shirt from Boulder Indoor Soccer. Thanks again!

  3. Is that Claire with the shotgun in the middle photo?

  4. Hmmm…that must be quite a collection. 🙂

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