TXP: Kendra – Franklin, TN

Kendra is an NPC Bikini Competitor and fitness enthusiast from Middle Tennessee.  Kendra’s home gym is the Franklin Athletic Club, where she does her lifting and is actively debunking the myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy.  She lifts as heavy as possible, often working in sets with the big boys.

Through hard work and sweat, she is sculpting an impressive physique.  Kendra is working hard, competing, and fast becoming a fitness talent.

To support Kendra, you should follow her on Twitter @iamkendra86, where she chats with her tweeps about all things fitness related and actively posts random funny thoughts.

The motto she lives by: GRIND HARD LIVE FIT!

Kendra sent me this way cool shirt from The Franklin Athletic Club.  I probably should have taken a picture attempting some massive dead lift, but I bet that Kendra can pull more weight than me.  So, I went with an L-sit on home made parallettes.

Thank-you Kendra for the shirt and for participating in the T-shirt Exchange Project (TXP).  If you would like to be featured as part of the TXP, you should check out this post for more details.


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