TXP: The Athlete Creator – Minneapolis, MN

This is Dave Sandel.  Actually, this is a mirror image of Dave wearing the shirt he got as part of the T-shirt Exchange Project (TXP).

Dave is the man behind the Athlete Creator web site.  You can also find him on twitter, where he is an entertaining agent provocateur.  You can count on Dave to use his sense of humor and a bit of irreverence to make important points about fitness and nutrition.

The shirt Dave sent me features his site’s web address AthleteCreator.com and the subheading: No Excuses. No Bullshit. Which  got me thinking about my top 3 No Excuse / No Bullshit exercises.  Exercises that you have no excuse for avoiding and are a no bullshit test of fitness.  My 3 favorite No Excuse / No Bullshit exercises are: (1) the pull-up, (2) handstand push-ups, and (3) burpees.  What are your top three No Excuse / No Bullshit exercises?  Let us know in the comments.

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2 responses to “TXP: The Athlete Creator – Minneapolis, MN

  1. What are burpees?

    • Burpees: (1) standing position (2) squat down (3) kick out legs to planche position (4) complete one push-up (5) jump legs back to squat position (6) from squat position jump up as high as you can and clap hands over head (7) finish in standing position – That’s one burpee!

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