Vertical Blue 2010

I woke up this morning checked my email and to my amazement found a message from William Trubridge the New Zealand free diver previously featured on this blog.  Trubridge has organized Vertical Blue 2010, an all-around free diving competition in the Bahamas. While acting as the organizer for the competition, he has still managed to set personal bests.  In the free immersion (FIM) event, Trubridge spent 4m 09s underwater, used no fins, and managed a dive of 116m (check the reading on his dive watch in the picture).

You should check-out the amazing videos from  Vertical Blue 2010 at Underwater Videography.

Below is the press release that was sent to me this morning.  I have said this before, but it bears repeating, Mr. Trubridge is not just an amazing athlete, he is a gentleman, taking time to personally respond to inquiries by fans  and making the effort to connect with small blogs like this one.


Vertical Blue 2010: Trubridge and Nitsch Set New World Records
Press release for immediate publication
April 23, 2010

Two more world records were broken yesterday, April 22, at the Vertical Blue 2010 freediving competition, currently being held at Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas.

New Zealander William Trubridge and Austrian Herbert Nitsch set new bests in the free immersion (FIM) and constant weight (CWT) disciplines respectively.

In FIM, divers must retrieve a Velcro tag from a metal plate, which is lowered by rope to the announced depth. They are not permitted propulsion equipment such as fins but can use the rope to pull themselves down.

Trubridge, 29, dived to 116m below the surface and, despite taking a few extra seconds to pull the Velcro tag from the plate, completed the dive in 4min 9sec. The depth was verified by a Suunto D4 dive computer. This is Trubridge’s tenth world record and his first in FIM since 2008.

“It was hard to get the tag from the bottom as I struggled with some narcosis,” said Trubridge. “But it’s great to have the free immersion record again.”

Nitsch reached an incredible 124m to set the 30th world record of his career and the deepest self-powered dive of all time. In CWT, athletes must also retrieve a Velcro tag from the plate, but cannot use the rope during the dive. They are, however, allowed fins to assist them.

The 40-year-old took 2min 13sec to reach the bottom, and looked strong during his ascent. With 35m remaining, his legs appeared to tire and he resorted to alternate arm and leg strokes to successfully complete the dive in 4min 10sec.

Trubridge’s new record puts him ahead in the Suunto Dive-Off, a competition held during Vertical Blue to find the best all-round freediver. Divers score points based on the ratio of their dives in three freediving disciplines to current world records. Nitsch lies in second place with Australian Walter Steyn in third. American Carla-Sue Hanson leads the women’s table.


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  1. Fun diving! I love it.

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