Tropical Snowboard Mix and Other Recipes From the Twitterverse

I recently got serious about exploring Twitter and it was like turning on a fire hose of information.

Image by: grebenru

Along with all of the information, there are lots of helpful people.

So helpful in fact, that I am going to let them help me write this post!  These are recipes that have been provided by or inspired by people I am following on Twitter.

Max / NU_FiT has been very generous in helping me out on Twitter.  He also posted a recipe for home-made organic ketchup and is responsible for the 9 Feb 2010 workout.

Chris B / Zen to Fitness inspired me to find an easy way to cook beets: wrap them in foil and bake at 400 for 45 minutes.  Set them aside.  Whenever you are ready to eat them, just slice them up and heat them in a skillet.  I also chopped, then pan fried the greens with butter and garlic.

Matt Stone / 180 Degree Health provided a knife skills video that changed the way I hold a knife, while slicing and dicing.  He also went on about macadamia nuts.  Meanwhile, Zen to Fitness and CastleGrok were putting up very positive posts about coconut and coconut flakes.  In the end, they all helped inspire this recipe for Tropical Snowboard Mix: banana chips, coconut flakes, cashews, macadamias, and dark chocolate chips.

Speaking of Castle Grok his frequent posts about coconut milk led to two great experiments.  One, I modified my green smoothie recipe.  I added half a can of coconut milk and subtracted an equal amount of orange juice.  So now, the recipe is: frozen spinach, frozen mango chunks, half a can of coconut milk and just enough orange juice to blend it all smooth.  Two, he linked to this awesome recipe for scrambled eggs/dessert using coconut milk.  I made it using my rice cooker to steam the eggs, which made them nice and fluffy.  I sprinkled them with cinnamon and topped it all off with strawberries.

Twitter is swarming with talented creative people sharing tons of information, hints, and tips.  I have been exposed to great ideas relating to work, exercise, and food.  Experiments have followed and as you can see the results have been positive.  Many thanks to NU_FiT, Zen To Fitness, 180 Degree Health, and Castle Grok!



EAT: DIY Greek Style Yogurt

EAT: Super Oatmeal

EAT: Mango in Coconut Milk


4 responses to “Tropical Snowboard Mix and Other Recipes From the Twitterverse

  1. Thanks for the link love buddy!

    The better part of my grocery bill is coconut related. I love the stuff in any form. Being a huge breakfast cereal consumer in another life, I was in heaven when I discovered coconut flakes. They’re cheaper too!

    All your visitors would be well served to visit the sites you recommended here.

  2. Recent article in NY Times called Twitter, “Crack for news junkies”. I like your fire hose of info analogy, as well

    • Crack for news junkies – That’s no joke! Loved your post on Narcissism on Social Nets. You will get due credit for my fanity and becoming a narcistutute. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Stoffa. Glad you enjoyed the post.

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