Interesting TED talk by Dan Buettner of National Geographic (tip of the hat to Tim Ferriss who posted this on Twitter).  He discusses the common characteristics of communities with high ratios of members that regularly exceed predicted life expectancies.  Key takeaways:

Move Naturally:

Constant physical activity, rather than focused exercise (e.g. walking, tending a garden, sitting on the floor and standing up 35 times a day).

Have the Right Outlook on Life:

Regularly schedule time away from the rat race.

Live with a sense of purpose.

Interact with nature.

Eat Wisely:

Predominantly plant based diet.

Don’t overeat.

Stay Connected:

Family: Caring for parents helps parents, but also improves longevity for the caregiver and for children in the family (the Grandmother effect).

Friends: If your friends have a healthy lifestyle, you will have a healthy lifestyle.  Also, having friends to lean on during difficult times and helping your friends through difficulties increases longevity.

Community: Being a member of a faith based community improves longevity.


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