AMAZING PERFORMANCE: Stretch Exercise Eat the Best of 2009

Photo by: h.koppdelaney

This has been a monumental year for Stretch Exercise Eat.  2009 was our first full year blogging, commenting, and sharing.   This year long conversation resulted in an open source forum devoted to providing information about incorporating quality physical training into busy lives, exploring the benefits of self-experimentation, and making performance improvements that carry over to career and personal life.

I am thankful to everyone that has contributed to this conversation.  I want to specifically thank Alex for his hard work, Eileen for her support, my Mom who planted the seeds for a project like this long ago, Jon for his encouragement, Darren for plugging me in to his expansive network, Steve for his wit, Jay for lurking in the shadows (but coming out to keep me honest), the Alaskan Ninja for having my back, and Matt for keeping me posted on where his curiosity is taking him.

As a quick year end review, links to the top posts for 2009 are collected below.  Look for more from Stretch Exercise Eat in 2010!   ~Adam

STRETCH: Dynamic Stretching

EXERCISE: Strength Flows From The Hands

EAT: Consult Your Biological Clock to Optimize the Effectiveness of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements


STRETCH: Back and Neck Bridge

EXERCISE: How to Train Your Eyes Like a Kung Fu Master

EAT: Blanch Those Veggies


2 responses to “AMAZING PERFORMANCE: Stretch Exercise Eat the Best of 2009

  1. Your blog is much appreciated. I always look forward to your posts.


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