EXERCISE: On the Road

Road_atlanta_esses*Maintaining healthful practices while traveling can be difficult.  This post discusses exercise while on the road.

Note: For a discussion of healthful eating while traveling see EAT: On the Road.

Photo by: Spyder Monkey

*I am terrible about exercising when traveling.  There is something about hotel beds that keeps me from wanting to get out of them.  Or, maybe it’s being on vacation that puts my body into full recovery mode.  Either way, regular exercise suffers.

*Richard Lord gave me a simple solution for this problem…bring your jump rope.  Besides being the high priest of core/abdominal/mid-section strength, Richard loves the jump rope.  A speed rope is light and easy to pack.  Jumping rope does not require a gym, any flat surface will do.  It works your whole body and provides a cardio workout.

*Runners also have an advantage when traveling.  Just pack your running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt and you are set.  Plus, it gets you out and about in the area you are visiting.  Runner’s World lists interesting routes to run in many cities.  Their route finder tool is a great resource to turn to, when planning a trip.

*My favorite trick for making sure that I get some exercise while on the road is to plan an outdoor activity in the area being visited.  This works great, because it gets you into the local environment, adds to your travel experience, and is not a routine workout.  While in Texas, I was able to get in two canoe trips.  Paddling around the lake meant lots of sun and lots of upper body work.  Meanwhile, Alex, our creative consultant here at SEE, focused on learning to knee board.

Is there some daylight under that board?

Is there some daylight under that board?

*In Hawaii, there were lots of opportunities for outdoor activities.  One morning, Alex and I swam out through the surf and back.  Eileen and Katarina went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.  Another day, Eileen and I hiked up Diamond Head Crater.

Diamond Head-Pullups
Hiking up Diamond Head – Time Out for L-Sit Pull-ups

*What I failed to do was get to a hotel gym, but this is another option for exercise on the road.  Eileen did go to the gym at the Marriott Waikiki and had an excellent report for their facilities.  I had a great conversation with Darren, a true road warrior, about staying fit on the road.  He has lots of great insights about eating right and working out while traveling for business.  So, stay tuned for his comments on these topics.

*One last note, the first WoW (Workout of the the Week) is up.  Have fun with it!

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3 responses to “EXERCISE: On the Road

  1. Traveling presents many challenges. It’s so easy to just get to your destination and do nothing. Plus, there are so many temptations to eat bad.

    As Adam said, as a runner it is a lot easier to get a good workout in without a lot of equipment. I would recommend a website called http://www.mapmyrun.com. You can get a very accurate estimate of your run distance or map out a run before you go.

    I also like to check http://www.tripadivsor.com to research a hotel before I go. Sometimes people will comment about the gyms. Hotel gyms vary widely from state of the art to a 1950’s treadmill with two non-matching dumbbells. The W chain of hotels usually have a decent variety of new equipment.

    One site that has useful information on many cities for the road warrior is http://www.athleticmindedtraveler.com/. You can search through a variety of cities for a place to stay with a good gym, lap pools, good places to eat and health orientated activity. The downside is there is a subscption fee of $2.95 per month or $19.95 per year. If you travel a lot, it is worth it.

    When I travel, I like Embassy Suites. They always have a fantastic free breakfast. You can get omelets or they have a great breakfast bar with lots of fruit. I have stayed in many hotels and no one beats their spread. They have a gym in every location, but I have found their equipment to be sub-par.

  2. You didn’t hike the craters at volcanos national park on Hilo? You guys missed out! Super cool hike, and a great work out, especially if you have a child on your shoulders while you hike in to the crater (Caitlin was 2 1/2 at the time… and heavy after a while!).

    • stoffainkorea

      *Adding a little weight always makes things more challenging.

      *Functional fitness workouts cover things like swinging an axe or one-legged squats, what about the one arm baby tote or the baby in backpack with hair pull…

      *Thanks for the tip for the hike on Hilo…definitely need to go back and do some more exploring.


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