EAT: Mango in Coconut Milk

Sliced-cubed_Mango_01*I have been working on a simple tasty new dessert / snack: Mango in Coconut Milk.

Photo by Zantastic


—Cubed mango (fresh or frozen).

—Coconut milk.


—Shredded coconut.


—Place mango in a microwave safe bowl.

—Pour in coconut milk (cover mango like cereal).

—Drizzle a stream of honey across the top.

—Microwave until warm (usually 1-2m depending on strength of microwave).

—Top with shredded coconut.

*Lots of good coconut fat for your brain to add to your nootropics.  Natural sugars and fiber from the mango.  Enjoy!

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2 responses to “EAT: Mango in Coconut Milk

  1. I have always loved Coconut. When doing cookery at school, every week I would come home with some sort of Coconut flavoured meal.
    How I ever becoame a courier is beyond me as I should have been a ‘chef de la coconut’

    • Kev:

      I learned to eat coconut, when I was a teenager living in Brazil. Nothing quenches your thirst after surfing like macheting open a fresh one and guzzling down the water inside. Then, split that baby and scoop out the soft white meat. It would easily be called primal today, it was just the natural thing to do back then. Looking forward to your book 365 Ways to Serve Coconut!

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