EXERCISE: Birthday Challenge


Photo by Joey Gannon

*This year, I turn forty years old.


*I am still a few months out, but want you to help me set a birthday challenge.

*Use the online poll to vote for your favorite challenge.  Once the results are tallied, I will focus my training accordingly.  Then, on my birthday, I will make my attempt to meet the challenge and post my results on STRETCH EXERCISE EAT!

Wipers look like this:

*Thanks to everyone who voted…now you can check out What I Learned From the Birthday Challenge.

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6 responses to “EXERCISE: Birthday Challenge

  1. 40 is the new 30. I did not feel any different than 39 when I turned 40. Why not run a marathon or something really challenging? 🙂

    • stoffainkorea


      *Too funny…because you don’t act any more mature now either. 🙂

      *Wow – I think you forgot to pick up your gauntlet…


  2. Adam, I have to part company with you on this 40th birthday challenge. Let’s face it – when we do something like this, we’re trying to do battle with an imaginary bogeyman we’ve created, the dreaded age 40. As Darren aptly said, “I did not feel any different than 39 when I turned 40.” Neither will you. This website is a great idea because you have remarkable insight. It won’t be any less of a great idea if, instead of spending that 40th birthday doing some exercise equivalent of climbing Mt. Everest, you instead spend it reflecting on all the blessings you have been given in your life, including, but not limited to, Eileen, Alex, and Katarina. Whatever you do on your birthday won’t change the fact that you will always be cutting edge. Kick back and enjoy yourself, dude.

    Steve Edwards

    • stoffainkorea


      *You are right on all counts!

      *I posted a video response to your comment on the gallery page. The response is from two great sources of inspiration: Jack Lalanne and Grouch Marx!



      • “Why don’t you just settle for a birthday cake and some cheap neckties like the rest of us?”

        I love Groucho and always have but I don’t want to be seen as the Groucho to your Jack LaLanne on this subject. Just don’t try any of your 3 choices with handcuffs on.

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