EAT: Blender Fail

Blender Fail Top View*I turned my back for one second and look what happened.  So much for my morning mango, coconut, banana smoothie.

*I spent the next thirty minutes wiping down counters and walls, cleaning the floor, and vacuuming bits of mango and coconut off of the couch.

*This was a cheap blender with a plastic carafe.  The carafe already had several stress fractures.  I used duct tape to reinforce these weak spots and prevent leaking.  But, I see no way of repairing the damage done this morning.

Blender Fail Point

*Please post your recommendation for a replacement blender in the comments section.

*And in other fail news from Korea…

fail owned pwned pictures
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2 responses to “EAT: Blender Fail

  1. stoffainkorea

    Wow. What a mess? I have a Kitchenaid with a glass carafe. It is powerful and feels pretty heavy duty. I tried to find one on Amazon, but it looks like they are all polycarbonate now. -Darren

    • stoffainkorea


      *Thanks for looking!

      *I found one today that is German, stainless steel, with a glass carafe. It runs on 220. And has only three choices, low, high, and pulse.

      *On its test run, it was quiet and efficient. The seven blades, strong motor, and glass container had no problems with the frozen strawberries I ran through it.

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