EAT: Fermented Foods

koreancuisine-kimchi-jeotgal-01*In Korean restaurants every meal starts with a set of these lovely side dishes.

Photo by LWY

*Traditionally, kimchi is spicy fermented cabbage (lower left).  But, other kimchi dishes include fermented radish (lower right) and brined cucumber.

*Cabbage seems to be a favorite food to ferment before eating.  Traditional German sauerkraut is fermented cabbage.  My Dad has experimented with making sauerkraut, with good results.  He ferments the cabbage in a sauerkraut pot.  Kimchi pots are ceramic and very distinctive in their shape, size, and brown color.

korea-andong-hahoe_folk_village-09Photo by Julie

*Cabbage is not the only frequently fermented food.  Milk can be fermented too.  Most of us are familiar with yogurt, but raw milk can be fermented to make kefir.  Over at Garage Gym, Dane Miller has this interesting write up on kefir as a post workout drink. If you can get your hands on raw milk (check with your local dairy farmers) and some kefir grains you are in business.

*Seth Roberts, the UC Berkley professor has been chronicling his self-experiments with fermented / bacteria rich food on his blog, including eating fermented meat.  He reports lots of positive results.  He has an interesting post about the Eskimo delicacy of rotten/fermented fish.

*Also, see this National Geographic article discussing the possibility of our ancient ancestors fermenting mammoth meat in ponds.  The article points out that, Daniel Fisher, University of Michigan professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, used this method to preserve and eat a draft horse over an extended period of time.

*For the time being, I will stick with kimchi as my probiotic food source.

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