EXERCISE: Handstands

DF-ST-83-07039*Handstands help coordinate full body strength.  A successful handstand requires shoulder strength, a flexed core and tight glutes.  Balancing your body requires wrist strength and pointing your toes helps maintain alignment.

*Doing handstands is not just exercise, it is a cool trick that impresses friends, family, and total strangers.  Having fun is the key to conquering handstands.  For a great tutorial on how to get started, checkout Beast Skills.

*When you feel comfortable with the basics, move your practice to your homemade parallettes.  In no time, you will be looking like this:


*Can’t get enough handstand practice, then see the Ninja: Crow Pose post.


2 responses to “EXERCISE: Handstands

  1. The parallettes are kind of fun to play around on. You really can get a feel for what gymnasts do, and what their bodies must accomplish.
    Loved the “10 pack” pic!

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