EXERCISE: Blast Zone – Test II

testrusobomba*For the full development of muscle groups, exercises must be balanced.  Focus on pulling exercises requires that similar attention is paid to pushing or pressing exercises. Pull-ups can be balanced with handstand push-ups.  Squats can be balanced with deadlifts.  Pushups can be balanced with bodyweight rows.

*With the above in mind, Test II is offered as a counterbalance to Test I.

*All of the same rules apply.  This workout is timed.  Your goal is +/- 20m.  Form matters.  If this test is too easy or too hard, scale it up or down.  Good luck!

*Test II:

—10 handstand push-ups

—50 boot-strappers

—30 bodyweight rows

—35 double unders with a speed rope

—30 kneeling ab-wheel rollouts

—35 dips

—10 handstand push-ups


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