EXERCISE: Blast Zone – Test I

testrusobomba*Blast Zone posts are high intensity workouts.  They can be used as tests to: (1)  establish a baseline; (2) measure progress; (3) measure performance against peers.

*I built this one in August of 2007, after reading this Men’s Health article about Mark Twight training the actors for the movie 300.

*This test is timed.  So, you need a stopwatch.  Your initial target is to finish in 20m or less.  On subsequent tests, you can work to beat your best time.

*Complete each set of exercises before moving to the next exercise (e.g. no matter how many times you fall off the pull up bar, you must get up and do one more, until they are all done).

—20 pull ups

—50 body weight squats

—40 push ups

—35 double unders with a speed rope

—30 floor wipers

—35 diamond pushups

—20 pull ups

*That’s it your done!

*Points to keep in mind: good form counts, failed exercises do not (you have to get your chin above the bar), this test is scaleable (if it looks impossible, scale it back…if it is too easy, work on your time or scale up with more reps).  Don’t forget to record your time in your journal, so you know the time to beat the next time you test yourself.


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