EAT: Scrambled Tofu


—Extra Firm Tofu

—Olive Oil



—Soy Sauce


—Goodies: Soysage, Cheese, Salsa, etc.


—Boil a pot of water.  Place tofu in water (careful of spills).  Boil tofu in water for 7-10 minutes.  This makes the tofu more firm and better for scrambling.

—Heat olive oil in a non-stick frying pan.  Add garlic and onion, cook until onion is translucent.

—Remove the tofu from the water.  Gently press tofu, squeezing out excess water.  Add tofu to the pan with the garlic and onions and scramble the tofu with a spatula.  I use the spatula to cut lengths of tofu and then cut cross-wise to make cubes of tofu.

—Add soy sauce (1T).  Stir and continue scrambling up the tofu.

—Add tumeric (this is the magic ingredient for sure).  I add enough to make all of the tofu a vibrant yellow (1t should do it, but experiment, I probably add more, because I enjoy the flavor).

—Now, add goodies, like crumbled soysage patties, frozen spinach or greens, cheese (whatever is handy, Monterey Jack works well, but if you want a really melty and not so healthy alternative, Velveeta is a favorite), and a healthy dose of salsa.

—Serve alone, over rice, or in warm soft tortillas.  Enjoy!


2 responses to “EAT: Scrambled Tofu

  1. Remember kids, as Americans our largest source of saturated fats comes from cheese ( a hair over 13% see: ) So, don’t be afraid to substitute a little lean beef for the soysage!

    • *Absolutely!

      *I am a vegetarian, but the benefits of lean meat are well documented. Even better if you have access to grass fed beef.


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