NINJA: Shoulder Stretches

ninja_the_last_thing_you_see*Ninja posts are inspired by my good friend Mark Watt.

Photo by: brunkfordbraun

*While working under a very difficult boss, we developed our own Ninja skills, tactics, and training in order to first survive and then to overcome the obstacles and traps that this black character put in our way.  Our success has resulted in a lasting bond and the continued exchange of ideas for creatively improving the work environment.  It is in the spirit of this bond that I will share with you healthful secrets that can be practiced under the radar while at work.

*As I have been exploring and working to correct the tightness in my shoulder girdle, I came across Relax Into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline.  Pavel is featured on the Dragon Door web site.  One of the shoulder stretches mentioned in the book is a perfect Ninja move.  It is simple, effective, and unlikely to arouse suspicion.

*While sitting in an office chair with a half back or, better yet, find a straight back chair (maybe from a presentation room or lunch area), reach your left arm behind your back, move your hand to the top of the chair back.  If you can, gently grab the chair back.  Breathe out, let your shoulder relax, and hold the stretch for 30s.  Switch arms and repeat.  Remember to go slowly (start with 10s and work up to 30s) and be careful (if you can’t reach the back of the chair do not force it, reach as far as you can, and reach a little further tomorrow), as you do not want to overstretch your shoulders.

Stretch Your Shoulders at Work

Stretch Your Shoulders at Work

Check out these other Ninja Tips: Squat Stretch, Crow Pose, and More Shoulder Stretches.


5 responses to “NINJA: Shoulder Stretches

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  2. Alaskan Ninja

    Also useful in ensuring the flexibility to remove knives placed there by he-who-shall-not-be-named.

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